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Unraveling the Myth of Overnight Success: Command Clarity

Unraveling the Myth of Overnight Success: The True Value of Practice and Consistency

In the age of instant gratification and dopamine-driven distraction, where success stories are often condensed into a single post or video, the concept of “overnight success” has become a pervasive
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The Freedom of ‘7-4-7-2’​ 

1997-2020 Kathy Kolbe. All rights reserved.  I had an epiphany moment on February 27th, 2014, with one small caveat: I didn’t realize it at the time. “Aha!” moments are often
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Expecting Adversity

I am reading Seneca, an ancient Stoic philosopher, on a snow-filled spring morning. As I read, I listen to the whipping of the wind and the buzz of the text
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